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JC Trouboul is a Spanish artist, painter and architect, born in 1985. During his early years, he demonstrated an artistic interest in drawing his father’s architecture projects. Then, Trouboul studied architecture in Barcelona, the artistic city where Picasso, Miro, Dali and Gaudi left a mark. His love for architecture, art and design influenced much of his later works. Once he completed school, he moved to Miami, Florida where he started his own architecture and urban real estate development company.

Since he was young, he was a special kid. He lived with a rare autoimmune sickness that caused chronicle fever, weight loss and body paralysis. In 2013-14, in Miami, he suffered another episode and spent almost a year back and forth between hospitals and his home. He wanted to express the emotions, feelings, frustration and sadness he felt while suffering from such a long illness. He used figurative portraits on oversized canvasses as a way to capture and express his passion. His first paintings were born. He had no technical skill nor academic training in painting. With the rhythm of music, Trouboul can see colors, shapes and lines in his mind. Trouboul discovered two things, his innate talent for painting and that painting stopped the symptoms of his illness. A few months later, he had an opportunity to show some of those paintings at the 2015 Art Basel, an annual arts event in Miami.

"Heroes," his first collection, tells us the stories of brave people who Trouboul met during the darkness of his illness, people who surrounded him. Soon after, Trouboul moved to New York City, where he immediately obtained a scholarship to the New York Academy of Arts, the art school founded by Andy Warhol. In New York City, he developed another way to paint over portraits, a neo-futurist-style, an example of which is his “Rossy de Palma” painting. After completing his studies, he decided to move to London and to refine his skills by experimenting and self-teaching. His works has been exhibited in Miami, NYC, London and Venice. Currently, Jc Trouboul is researching and experimenting future projects in his new studio in London.