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Born in 1985, JC Trouboul is a Spanish artist, painter, and architect. During his early years, he demonstrated an artistic interest in sketching for his father’s architecture projects. Then, Trouboul studied architecture in Barcelona, the artistic city where Picasso, Miro, Dali, and Gaudi left a mark. His love for architecture, art, and design influenced much of his later works. Once he completed school, he moved to Miami, Florida, where he started his own architecture and urban development company.

He grew up with his family in a Masia, a typical Catalan farmhouse outside the city of Barcelona. He grew up battling a rare autoimmune sickness that caused chronic high fever and weight loss as well as eventual body paralysis. During 2013–14, in Miami, he suffered a strong episode of sickness and spent almost a year in hospitals. To express the emotions, feelings, frustrations, and sadness he experienced then, he used figurative portraits on oversized canvasses as a way to capture and express his passion. Thereby, his first paintings were born. Possessing neither technical skill nor academic training in painting, Trouboul can see colours, shapes, and lines in his mind with the rhythm of the music. Trouboul discovered his innate talent for painting and that painting alleviated the symptoms of his illness. A few months later, he had the opportunity to display some of the paintings at a local exhibition at the 2015 Art Basel Week, an annual art event held in Miami. His first exhibition was titled ‘Heroes’.

‘Heroes’, his first collection, narrates the stories of the brave people he met while battling his illness, the people who surrounded him. Soon after, Trouboul moved to New York City, where he obtained a scholarship to study at the New York Academy of Arts, the prestigious art school founded by Andy Warhol. In New York City, he developed another way to paint portraits, a neo-futurist-style, an example of which is his ‘Rossy de Palma’. As the training at the Academy attempted to change his approach to art, he realized art schools were not made for him and decided to move to London to refine his skills by experimenting as a self-taught artist. His works have been exhibited in Miami, New York City, London, and Venice. Currently, JC Trouboul is working on future projects at his studio in London.