"La MOVIDA" Collection

40 Years of democracy in Spain 1978-2018. A tribute.



Currently, the artist is working on this collection.

If there is something that marked the first years of the democratic transition, it was called "La Movida Madrileña", a term that served to define a social and cultural movement that defined the young Spaniards of the time.

La Movida Madrileña is music, it is cinema, it is literature, journalism and it is, above all, freedom of expression. The first young people of democracy broke with the chains of a repression of 40 years and emulated the young people of cities as cosmopolitan as London, New York or Los Angeles. The goal, freedom at all levels.

He had several architects, but the main one was Pedro Almodovar, today famous film director. In this collection Jc Trouboul pays homage to the 40 years of Spanish democracy through scenes from his films.