Heroes - THe First Collection 2015-16

ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.

Jc Trouboul was a special since childhood. He suffered a rare autoimmune sickness that caused chronic high fever, weight loss, and body paralysis. Between 2013–14, in Miami, he suffered his longest episode, spending almost a year in hospital. He wanted to express his emotions, feelings, frustration, and sadness while suffering from such a long illness. He used figurative portraits on oversized canvasses to capture and express his passion. He had no technical skill or academic training in painting. Yet, his first paintings were born. "Heroes," his first collection, talks of the stories of brave individuals who Trouboul met during the dark spell of his illness: people who surrounded him.

“Art saved my life.”

The Soldier

Afghanistan, 2003. The Soldier’s mission was initiated to deliver food and medical supplies by air to the soldiers and civil locals. It was part of an international military operation against the Taliban. In each flight, the soldier could hear and feel the bombs, persistently dropping in the background. He never knew if the next one he heard would be his last.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015

03. Helena, Oil on Canvas, 4”x4”, 2015.jpg


Spain, 2014. That day, she was taking her children to school. She would be picking up her nephews on the way. She saw her sister fighting with her ex-husband. Helena pulled her sister and the kids inside the car to protect them. But she herself stayed outside, and her ex-brother-in-law attacked her with a knife. She gave her life for her family.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015



Spain, 2015. During a period of his life, he got obsessed with work. After making a mistake in his profession, he thought it to be the end of his career. He lost his life in an accident.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015

The Fugitive

Egypt, 2012. The Fugitive was raised in Egypt, where homosexuality is forbidden and punishable by either death or imprisonment. Jailed for his secret for X years, he escaped his country and fled to the United States for safety and asylum.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015

10. Carmen, Oil on Canvas, 4”x4” 2015.jpg


Spain, 2014. Carmen suffers from bi-polar disorder. One side is a lovely mother of two girls; the other is a mad woman. She fights daily to be the sweet, motherly one.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015


Paris, 2013. This seclusionist suffers from agoraphobia, the debilitating fear of the outside world. His condition makes it hard to sustain meaningful relationships or experience the world around him.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2016

07. The Fighter-Duny, Oil on Canvas, 4”x4” 2015.jpg


USA, FL 2012. He lost his job in Spain and didn’t find another for several years, due to the financial crisis. He thus moved to USA with the American Dream in mind. There, he worked hard and created a swimwear brand that is now one of the most successful of its kind.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015

10. Tao, Oil on Canvas, 4”x4” 2015.jpg


USA, 2013. He is a model suffering inside the fashion industry. Locked in the dark for hours, starved, and honing an ugly truth behind fashion’s glittering façade.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2015


USA, 2016. Alex is a girl who was bullied in school. She committed suicide, but failed—luckily. She then realized she had to deal with her situation instead of hiding.

Oil on Canvas,48x48 in/ 122x122 cm 2016